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Our Team. The Rubbish Ragamuffins​

We believe in creating art from the heart, connecting communities through tactile artistic expression and enriching lives. 

We are deeply passionate about the earth and maintaining a healthy environment that will be here for all future generations to enjoy. Rubbish Ragamuffins has been created to focus specifically on creations made from repurposed materials.

Turning old things, unused things, confused things into new things..

Repuorposing and reimagining all sorts of items and scraps, turning them into usable items and beautiful art. 

We can discuss with you the options for creating a new piece just for you. Saving on landfill and reducing the burden of mass production and the throw away commercial market. Think before you throw.

Have your own item custom made or have a look at the variety of ready made creations we have on offer in our studio shop.​

Ready made Art Items can be viewed and purchased at our gallery and shop (see open times below).

or drop in to discuss your items to be upcyclable

Rubbish Ragamuffins ambassador - Otto - advocating for a better world. Otto works tirelessly to inform others about how we can care for and nurture this planet. Following the principles of a circular economy, for a more equitable world.

Contact us if you'd like to know more.

82B Charman Road, Mentone

Melbourne Australia

Enter off Balcombe Road opposite Mentone Girls Secondary

Shop / Gallery opening hours

Wednesday - 10am - 5.30pm

Thursday - 10am - 5.30pm

Friday - 10am - 5.30pm

Saturday - 10am - 3pm 

Dr. Otto PHD

Otto Tiegs - Entomologist

The face of Rubbish Ragamuffins - embassador for a better world.


As a child, Otto was fascinated by insects and put together a collection of roughly one thousand beetles, this childhood collection is now housed by the Queensland Museum.


Otto is a timid and gentle soul yet highly industrious with an absorbing interest in insects and the inner workings of our natural world. Through his observations of the behaviour of insects and their ability to adapt in every environment on earth, from the highest of altitudes to volcanic cores, Otto developed a deep connection and love for this earth. This connection he now shares via his advocacy for a circular economy.


Otto knows we must have a fundamental shift in how we function as a society and the way in which we as humans interact with the planet. He holds a Post Graduate Degree of Doctor of Science and was a senior lecturer at Melbourne University Department of Zoology. Otto obtained a Rockefeller Travelling Fellowship to visit Europe, where he worked for a while in the Anatomical School at Cambridge University, England, and in the Anatomical School at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.


A keen woodworker with the ability to reimagine and repurpose items from "rubbish" into amazing pieces of wonder. He also loves to "fix" things and sees magic in everyday simplicity. 

"There is no doubt we need more circular businesses like repairing, reusing and product as a service. Yet in a world where inequality is soaring, we cannot neglect other key aspects of sustainability like human rights and social justice. Policy makers and entrepreneurs urgently need to connect the dots on these topics to reduce the exploitation of natural resources as well as individuals and communities." Jean-Pierre Schweitzer, Policy Officer for the Circular Economy at the European Environmental Bureau

*Otto Tiegs is a fictional character very loosely based on some aspects of Oscar Werner Tiegs and Ian Walter Norman combined with other made up elements.

Little Heart Knight
Frothy Betty Artist

Liz Norman


The artist behind Rubbish Ragamuffins.


Lizzy is a highly skilled community art facilitator. She is the founder and creator of Frothy Betty originating in around 1993. An old friend affectionately referred to Liz as Betty despite it causing much chagrin within her senstivitve soul. Lizzy used to request her Lattes to have extra froth... and so Frothy Betty was named. 

Liz completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Queensland College of Art, majoring in Illustration and is a multi-disciplinary visual artist with a background in theatre, animation, illustration, sculpture, exhibiting and children’s film and television. 

Since 2009 Liz has developed her skills as a sensory play specialist, primarily focussing on collaborative arts projects in educational settings.

Liz’s sustainability ethos is demonstrated in her use of recycled and reclaimed materials, as well as the up-cycling of materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill.

Liz also holds qualifications in Horticulture, Permaculture, small business management, post production for Film and Television and a Graduate Diploma in Migration Law! Life long learning is fun and rewarding. 

Liz in the studio.JPG

Guest Artists and Creative minds


Fashion designers, painters, story tellers, sculptors, tea ceremony makers, ceramicists, print makers! We invite creatives to contribute to the studio experiences throughout the year. Keep checking back to see what's happening! If you're a creative practitioner get in touch with us to dicuss how to become involved.

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